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I'm putting a secondary power system in my truck, this will consist of a dedicated alternator (in place of the non existent ac in my mj) and dedicated batteries (mounted in bed) this system will be used for lites, power inverter, 12v heater, posably a winch in the future, and any other accessories that may pop up. mostly these things will not be used w/o the engine running, but it would be nice if they could.


my questions are what type and size batterys do i want for this application?what products are recommended? were should i set my budget...$100+ for the alt...$100-200 per 1 deep cycle batt.? maybe i want 2 batteries :dunno: ?


thaught alot about this and am just a little vague on a couple of technical details.

now i need feedback

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Figure out what equipment you will be using (with the engine off), and add up the total load.

Convert that to amps.

Figure out the max number of hours you think you will using those items (with the engine off),


and that will give you Amp hours.



You need 80 amp hours to run your heater on low & a light for x hours.

The deep cycle battery you choose = 55 ah each.

You'd need two batteries to satisfy that requirement.


If your planning to use the batteries on back to back nights you'll also have to figure out how quickly you can recharge them,

(say you can only put 80% of the charge back in during the engine run time, eventually in back to back uses, they will run out).


A solar panel could also help recharge the batteries, and maybe even reduce the engine run time.


As far as batteries I've heard alot of questionable stuff about Optima's in the last few years,

but for something like this, I think I'd still lean in that direction.

Especially since you can mount them in any position, and there are some nice double mount bracket options for them:






Lengthwise, or widthwise, @ $78ea.


I bet if you were creative enough with your exhaust routing, you could even fit one of these under the floor of the bed.

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the exaust has been finalized, 45* downpipe after cat leaving room for the 12 gallon air tank (perfect fit) all the extra equipment will go in a tool chest behind the cab.


thanks for the numbers that simplified alot. how do i calculate charge time?

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doin some lookn around and talked to a batt. store who suggested an 8d batt. which is a monster 250ah and 167 lbs, at a price of ~$150 (looking online i can't find were hes getting that price) the biggest yellow top is 75ah and 60 lbs.(i know weight means nothing as far as performance goes, just comparing)


still need help figuring out charge time... anyone?

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