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Another trans. Question

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I have been looking around for an auto trans, since the last post. And along the way i found a 96 AX-15 with a NP231. I do know 96 was an off year for jeeps. But will one of the bolt up and work correctly with my 89 Renix motor, that had a BA-10 bolted to it? Or am i starting in on more problems.

I know I'm asking alot of dumb questions but I'm just trying to find the easiest and best way to swap this motor and trans over with out have to redo stuff later.

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96 was a weird electrical year. A 96 AX-15 will bolt up just fine, but you'll need 79 CJ 7 304 pilot bushing. You'll need the trans mount and T-case shift linkages too.


You'll also be converting to an external slave cylinder setup. I don't remember if your current clutch stuff will work, but with it out it's a good time to replace it anyway.

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The guy sold the t-case but still has the AX-15. Will it be hard to find a t-case that will work? And will converting to a external slave setup be difficult?

And you said i will need a trans mount, if you meant the mount thats not a problem. Or did you mean the cross member?

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