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Brake issues

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So I'm having a bit of an issue with the rear brakes on the MJ. Just changed one of the hard lines going into the load valve because of a small leak at the fitting. I was under the impression that this was the cause of my pedal going soft. Apparently not :shake: I spent the better part of an afternoon (and a full quart of brake fluid) trying to get a decent pedal but it's just not happening. Brakes will pump up after 4 or 5 pumps everytime but let off and hit them again and you're right back where you started. I've bled them at the wheels, at the top of the load valve, and at the master. I've replaced almost every brake line on this truck now at some point and I've never had a problem like this. Anyone got any suggestions? Know anywhere in the MJ brake system that tends to trap air? Could it be a problem with the load valve? We're actually leaning toward the master cylinder but I'm just curious what the experts think. I might get aggravated enough tonight to throw a master on it anyway though.

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As far as the "special procedure" in the FSM, I don't use it and have never had a problem. After a good long gravity bleed, I always bleed from the farthest point away from the master and working inward, i.e. RR, LR, RF, LF. Never have done anything special for the load sensing valve. I also think your master cylinder might be leaking internally.

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