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Need part ASAP

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The jeep on Monday was making a grinding noise on my way to school. I baby'ed it to school. Before getting off the highway I went to hit the brakes and the pedal went to the floor. I got it to school(somehow). I got it towed to a friends shop to have it looked at. He looked a it today and the spindle was bad from the wheel brewing being so bad it ruined my spindel. So on Sunday Rob and I are going to find a axel for 4wd so I can get the thing at least running. Status will be posted as I know. As of now I am taking a 3 week course break from school so I do not fail the class

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Jake, if Correy has an axle available, that would be the way to go. Most likely, he'll be cheaper, and 3.55's are one of THE MOST common gear sets out there. I ran 3.55's and 31's in my auto and it did good. This is just to get you by, and puts you one step closer to that 4x4 swap, while getting you back on the road. Once we find you a t-case and trans, the rear axle will be easy to find, as 90% of Cherokee's in the yard had 3.55 geared 8.25's...


Worse case scenario, when the time comes, we'll have to get some gears... But I think you'll be fine for the time being.


ROb L.

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So on Monday I was drive to school. i was getting onto 53 and I heard a grinding nosie from the front. I had to e at school since it was the first day of new class. So i baby'ed it all the way to school. I got on 355 and as I was going to get off on Army trail road I pushed the brakes and pedal went to the floor. So i pumped alot and got it to slow down. At that point i was almost to school. So i pushed it and got it to school. So I was not gonna drive it all the way back home with no brakes. So i called my mom told her what was going on and that I had to talk to my teachers see if anyone was in lab. No one was in lab bc it wa sfirst day. So i called my friends shop who tows and they came and got it after school. i rode back with him. We got to shop and dropped it. They got a chance to look at today and it needs and new pass side spindle. My wheels bearing were so bad it ruined the spindle. So this was at 4:45PM today. So i started calling everywhere to find a spindle nothing. i called a guy who has extra parts for everything. and nothing. So looks like i am gonna be putting in a 4WD axle. So there is my first step to 4WD. I'm making this postivite

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