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Cab Dent Removal

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Is it possible to access the cab sheet metal behind the doors (for dent removal) from the inside of the truck? I was able to access the inside of the lower rocker and straighten that out, the area I'm wondering about is the area that lines up with the fuel filler door. There's a long dent in the center panel, between the air extractor and rocker that I'd like to work on but I don't necessarily want to drill the sheet metal if I can help it.

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Due to the shape of these panels, that is a common area to dent in. Unfortunately most of the time it stretches the sheet metal to where a simple "pop" won't fix it, and if it does pop out, it will pop back in equally as easy; the only remedy to this situation is heat, requiring you strip the exterrior paint to bare metal, and strip the door of all flammable/meltable materials...with one person pushing dent out from the inside (with something other than your body, lol) someone from the outside torches the metal around the center of the dent to blistering hot temps (a standard propane torch you can get from the hardware store works fine), then with the inside pressure still applied, the heat is removed...this causes the metal to shrink as it cools back to its somewhat original state. Sounds worse than it really is. Just my experience :thumbsup: Good luck!



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