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Transmission Question

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I am getting closer to doing my drivetrain swap and would like to put an AX-15 in while i have everything out. The donor is an 88 mj which i now only came with the BA/10 but the PO said that he swapped the motor/trans in from an 89 XJ, but i don't know whether this is true or not. What i am wondering is if there is anyway of telling the difference between a AX-15 and the peugeot. I know there are posts on this but i am still confused on the fact, thanks for the help :cheers:

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The AX-15 (on the left) has a front half and a back half, joined in the middle by a huge ring of steel.


The Peugeot (on the right) has a left half and a right half, joined by a line of bolts running along the top and the bottom.



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