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Pics of my old engine with the head off


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i hope it does

i am making out good on it

i got a scrap block for $50

and the rest is going to be around $700so i will have about $800

alltogether buy the time its in the mj and running


The block and head I got new for $1400 ( :eek: I know...), but it's got a nice warranty and all.


Hope it stays cheap for you, they don't like to.


Did that valve just snap off the stem like that :eek: ??


I thought the damage on my other car's head was bad when the valve seat dropped.....but that there's just plain ugly!




I still haven't exactly decided what happened to it. The PO (a guy at work) only had spark plug wires on cylinders 2, 3, and 4, and piston 3 had holes in it...


It was treated like garbage (the whole truck), but yeah, I think somehow, it just snapped.

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