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I am having problems with my 1990 MJ.A couple of days ago i stopped at a gas station and set the emegency brake and it died.When i tried to start it i had nothing.I opened the hood and had a burnt electrical smell from around the starter relay.I replaced that.Checked all the fuses and relay's they are good.So i replaced the ignition switch still nothing.Anything the key operates does not work.Radio,cig lighter,dash lights,and starting.Could you give me any idea's.1990 MJ 5 speed,two wheel drive,4.0.Lost don,t know where to go next :???: !!!

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Do your parking lights, lighter or dome lights work???


Those are not thru the ignition switch, there "hot" all the time.


Also......the Key switch, pushes a rod to the ignition switch, located at the base of the steering column. Like two different "ignition" switches.


Pull the plastic loom off the battery cables, and check them for any missing insulation, or corrosion.


The fusible link is off the starter relay (near the battery), back to the right hand tower (where the 3 or 4 relays are) you'll feel it in the wire, a lump, and pull on it, if it comes apart, the link is shot.


Here's a link that might help you out -


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Ele ... straps.htm

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