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89 or 90 vs 97 hub assembly

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Will the unit bearing off of an 89 or 90XJ work on a 97XJ? I have an old but good unit bearing off of my truck when it had the original axles under it and need a new one for my 97 axle. I have an early production 90 and I am not sure if it had 89 or 90 unit bearings. Is there a way to tell the difference between 89 and the 90's if they are different? If it is a 90 unit bearing would it be compatible with the 97?


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No. There were three different unit bearings. 87-90, 90-mid 99, and mid 99-01. You can use any of the three, BUT you must also use the corresponding rotor. Mixing and matching unit bearings and rotors is a no-no. And I have first hand knowledge of this. ;)

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