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picked up some new stuff

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hell yeah i just picked up a 12,000 pound wench (warn) at a yard sale 50 bucks brand new :banana: i also stumbled across some 5in tubing 1/2 thick fer my bumper if i knew how to put pictures on here i would i can't wait until i start building this bumper jamminz.gif

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WOW, that's quite the deal on that winch!!!


Years ago, I made my first MJ bumpers aot of 5" sprinkler pipe!!! I think they came out good!!



Pics are EASY!! Sign up for a pic hosting site. most are free. I like photo bucket, Pete likes picture trail. IIRC both have a free membership. then once your pics are there, you are provided click-able, paste-able links to add them to your posts here or anywhere!!


Also I believe there is a stickies here somewhere on posting pics...



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what color hair does the wench have?


at 12,000 lbs I didn't want to ask. :ack:


Sounds like you'll need some type of aerial photographic equipment if you want to post a pic,

I'm guessing about a 1000 feet would be perfect to get 'all of her' into the shot.


Either way, I'm sure she was well worth the $50, and you guys will be very happy together.


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