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try again


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I added some random spaces to keep it from doing anything. This is what you're pasting:



[u RL=http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m143/mike-s-/jeepdside.jpg][i mg][/I'm g][/u RL]


And this is all you need to paste:

http:/ /i103.phot obucket.co m/albums/m143/mike-s-/th_jeepdside.jpg


But, if the stuff you're pasting will include the IMG tags automatically, then don't worry about clicking the IMG tags here. By the way, can you post bigger pics? I use picturetrail rather than photo bucket, so I'm not sure what all is going on. :dunno:

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pete, i tried using picturetrail but for some reason i couldn't upload any pics so another guy suggested using photobucket and i could upload them there, i don't know maybe the firewall thats on this computer was stoping the picturtrail from uploading any.

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