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Clutch line has a slight leak just outside the bell housing

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Where the lines connect outside the bell housing it leaks, its only a slight leak but it drips right on that electrical connection on the tranny. Is there anything I can put on the threads to fix that? They are brass connectors I think.

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teflon tape



only for NPT pipe threads (fittings that use the threads for sealing). I don't know what type of connectors the clutch line uses, but teflon tape is not to be used on fittings that seal on the flared end inside.

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Tighten it another eighth of a turn.


hehe, yeah thats what I did, so far it worked for the main line, but there is still a slight drip on the bleeder, I need to find the right wrench for it. :work


If there is any contamination inside the fitting (i.e. a bit or dirt or rust), then it may never seal properly.

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