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2.5 to 4.0 swap and 4wd conversion difficulty?

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I have seen lots of threads where people convert 2wd MJ's to 4wd and it seems pretty easy with all the right donor parts. How hard is it to swap in an entire 6cyl drivetrain (engine, tranny, & xfer case) in to a 4cyl 2wd truck? I found a clean truck in the area for a cheap price but wanted to get an idea what I would be getting into first.


Thanks for the help.

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My friend and his dad both own MJs, both 4 cyl 2wd, one is a 86 the other an 87. They are both doing this swap, the 86 is requiring considerably more work. In 86 MJs didn't come with the 4.0, they had to clearance the firewall with a BFH,swap wiring harnesses, they also had to rebuild the radiator core support. On the 87 it's pretty much a bolt in, but the wiring swap is still required.

Having a complete donor vehicle is the easiest way of getting it done, as you'll have pretty much everything you'll need except for the rear DS.

I should have pics of G. Sr's truck sometime next week, they are letting me post on their behalf, seeing as I got them started on this Comanche thing, they were XJ guys before they met me and didn't even know about Comanches.


Oh Yeah, Go for it! You'll be happy you did.

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