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Changing rear window

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i always used flathead screw drivers because its wehat i had at the time. take some guitare string and use it as a saw to saw off the silcon glue holding the window to the pinch seam.then start in the CORNER and go to the closest corner. i would porefer to use plastic over metal but if its what you got then don't sweat it. ive done it and it works. remember that glass can flex, but not that much before it cracks. you just have to work your way around starting in one corner and to the closest corner and then across. good luck

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Today I pulled a slider from one of my "steals" AKA a killer deal. I used a piece of steel cable, it was about 3/16" to start with, I unwound a "bunch" about 3ft. then I took one more strand off of that (so that it would cut better), fished it through the side, held the ends of the wires with vice grips, had the window out in about twenty minutes.

Time permitting, I might be able to do a DIY of the install this weekend. With pics of course.

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