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indentity crisis

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I ran into a problem when I bough the clutch kit for my 2.5. I originally had a 91 2wd Internal slave AX-4. The transmission I was putting in came out of an 86 XJ, so I was able to convert to an external slave.


My clutch was slipping at that point, so I bought a new clutch for it as well. The first kit they gave me had the wrong throwout bearing. It was an external throwout bearing, but it was for the wrong fork type. We tried the kits for the 91 and 86, but both had the wrong bearing.


I ended up ordering the kit for an 86 XJ with a 2.8, and it came with the correct parts.


The bearing you need is for this style of external slave:



The one I got the first time was for this style, which never came with the AX-4/5:


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i bought one off the net,

and another at lordco,

one of them is duramax

the the problem isnt that they don't bolt on or slide it,

the clutch is over 1/2 inch too big,

i took my old plate and checked, old plate to small for new plate,

and both my new plates are the same size


here is a pic to show what i mean

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could my transission have actually been a 5 speed?

but just with a 4 speed shifter knob?


Highly unlikely, and it wouldn't affect the clutch.


The AX-4 and AX-5 are identical other than that the AX-5 has the 5th gear in it. There's a "dummy" gear on the layshaft in the AX-4, and the splines are there for the gear on the output shaft. Other than the 5th/reverse slider, the transmissions are completely identical.

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so i have an ax-4 transmission that requires a 9 1/8 4 speed clutch?

No, you have an AX-4 transmission that requires a 9-1/8" clutch. It doesn't make any difference if your transmission is a 4-speed or a 5-speed.

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ok thankyou,

well i got off the phone with lordco,

they gave me the wrong clutch they said it happens alot,

so i will be getting my actual clutch tomorow :D


can imagine so since the same engine/tranny combo used two different clutch sizes! Let us know if it worked out!

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what the guys at lordco said was that the clutch they game me (9 11/16) was a 9 1/8 (what idiots)

and then they said that my truck is a late 86 built with 87 parts in it,

so I'm tihkin i have an inbred comanche, they pulled out an 87 clutch which was 9 1/8 but....

it came with an internal throwout bearing, good thing i had an external, now i need to get my new slave cyl working,

only engages a 1/4 inch i need a full inch for my clutch to engage

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