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What useful off of a

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I have an 89 MJ 4.0 4x4. What is useful off of an 86 2.8 v6 4x4 MJ form a mechanical standpoint. Someone is selling one with a blown motor for 300.00.

...besides doors...interior stuff...anything else from a drivetrain that is worth it?


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The engine and trans/transfer case will not work with your truck... just the axles... if you have a 5 speed manual it will probably have 4:10 gearing in them which would work great in your truck,especially if you are going to go with taller tires. You could sell the AX5 trans and NP207 transfer case, and accesories off the engine, or find yourself a 3.4 engine to put in it and have yourself another good running truck. Or swap the axles from your truck to this one, drop in a 3.4 and re sell for a huge profit!

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