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T case issues (there's a surprise)???

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Okay, I know that I have the puke goat 5 speed trans with a 231, not sure if I have a 35 or 44 under the rear end, but I seem to be having issues getting the tcase to engage. I pull the lever to put it in gear, and about 10% of the time, it works like it should. The rest of the time, it drops my entire drivetrain into neutral, and the only gear I can get results out of is 2H. Anyone have any ideas on where I should start looking for a problem (I'm thinking the linkage, but who knows??)

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could be a number of things but they all point in the same direction... LINKAGE


either the rod that engages the 231`s shift lever is bent, out of whack, the bushings are shot, or the whole thing could be shot. if you crawl under there with the vehicle in PARK,turned off, and the wheels blocked, and have a friend try to shift from 2hi-4hi, you should get an idea of how the linkage works, and what may be causing it to bind.

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