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Please HELP

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I bought a comanche with the transfer case out, i have everything together but i cannot get the linkage to work with my np231 t case. i have 2 of the arms that go on the transfer case, i no clue of which is the right one. can anyone take a picture of theres in 4lo and 2hi.


any help is much appreciated


Thank you

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It varies with whatever your transmission is,


the bracket & pivot usually bolts to 2 of the tranny to t-case studs,

one link goes between the shifter & the pivot,

the other goes between the pivot, and the T-case.


Post up what engine/tranny/year, and hopefully someone can post up a pic.

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Where did you get the transfer case? If it came out of a YJ Wrangler, the linkage is totally different and the YJ t-case has an arm on it that fits just the opposite of the way the corresponding arm fits on an XJ or MJ.


Post a photo of what you have, please.

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If you have an 87 - 90 MJ with an automatic it uses the short shift tab bolted to the TC so that the tab swings down and back, and the long linkage from the shift lever is pressed into the grommet on the tab from the near side of the TC. I

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