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86 Fuel Gauge

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The gauge has been working fine, up until last night. I usually don't drive the Comanche much and have only gassed it up once since I brought it home. And I only put in $25 that I had in my pocket, so it was not quite full.


I really wasn't planning on driving it last night, but someone parked directly in front of my driveway I had no idea who the owner of the volvo was.


We were going to a party 65 miles away and the gauge was reading E, so I went ahead and gassed it up(15.2 gal). The gauge read full and we went on our way. After the 130 mile round trip it's still reading full.




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remove the wrap around the fuel sender loom and inspect the wires, then inspect the connector. I'm talking about the wires coming directly off the tank.


the wires have a tendency to rub inside that loom and sometimes you get a faulty connection from the wire rubbing on the inside of the wrap.

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you can always pull the sending unit and check the signal by moving the float. Sometimes there's corrosion on the pickup that causes it. If you still can't fix it keep in touch with me maybe once a month. I'm working on fixing up an 86 comanche 2.8L auto for a friend of mine but I think we might end up parting it out. I only drove it from the guy's house to my garage but I think the sending unit is fine.

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