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Probably the slowest build on the forum

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Just would like to keep track on the progress on my pos.


Traded it for my 97 grand cherokee I6 for it in june



Took it in the woods had fun. Replaced alternator, starter, and battery . fun stuff


Started the real fun stuff








Should be doing the rear of the driver side cab this weekend. The top part of the unibody is rotting. :banana:

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I bought a $500 MJ in '03 to 'rebody' the old abused MJ I had had been wheeling since 97'.


Parked it full time in 2004, to start some of the bigger jobs (engine/tranny).

& it's been off the road since. :wall:


The 'frame', about 80% of the cab, the dash and the wiring harness are about all that's left from the MJ I bought in 03'. :doh:

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