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Todays Junk Yard Run Report


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Successful but not Exciting...


- No MJ's, No Shock since I've only EVER seen 1 (on about 10 JY Runs at 3 different yards over the past 2 years)

- Lots of CFC/CARS/Pink Spray Painted Engines, Kind of Sad, many were still pretty nice looking vehicles

- I saw my first TJ Ever at a JY...was a 97 and was barely the frame and tub left...nothing worth grabbing

- Lots of 2 Dr Cherokees, probably 3 or 4, and there were a couple "OK" sets of Seats. Had it been Cheap Seat Day, I might have picked up a pair cause at least seat frame/cushion might have been better of than my driver side

- I saw 3 or 4 Underhood extender lights. All of them had busted plastic, missing light end, etc., not worth grabbing

-There were at least a couple WJ's that had the Curved Lower Control Arms which can be used on MJ/XJ's to prevent tire rub (I already have a set on). I didn't have my larger sockets otherwise might have taken them off and offered up here.


I ended up with a Nice Fuel Rail off a 89 Cherokee with a perfect appearing Fuel Pressure Regulator (it was still shiny and looked newer than the rest of the engine)

I got a Nice Rear View Mirror with no Black Spots in the Middle

A Vac Line that I had busted messing with my stuff


So that's all I was really going for, so I guess it was a successful day.


Now I hope to get the new rail installed and actually get this thing running again!!! :banana:

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Hey Wade,

Glad to hear you made it it out there and found the fuel rail you needed. I told my brother you were selling your MJ (he lives in Santa Clara) ha said "is it a good deal?" I told him a good deal is a state of mind :rotf: , but that doesn't matter anymore since you're not selling.

What yard did you go to?

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