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Power door swap

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I tried searching for this but I haven't quite figured out how to get a nice search result on this forum yet, so here's a question that has probably been asked a million times.


So I need new doors, so I figure I might as well grab some with power locks and windows next time I go to the junkyard. Is there a controller box for these or do they just operate off the switches? I don't remember which car it was that I had but one of em had a controller box.


I know that I have to get doors from a 4 door cherokee but there is also a 2 door cherokee with power windows and locks in the JY so I'm gonna grab the drivers side switch from that one so I don't have two extra switches.


Anyway, pretty much my question is do I need to grab anything other than the doors? And can anyone point me to a writeup? If there is no write up, I'm gonna do this anyway and I'll post stuff once I start a build thread and I'll also throw it in the DIY section.

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I'm getting ready to do this same swap. I looked up the wiring harness's and it looks like you run a power wire, and then run I think it was about 5 wires across to the pass side to tie everything together. Its been about a month since I looked it all up, but it looked entirely doable. Cut off the connector ends at the body side harness too when you get the doors, so you can splice into them on both sides and still have connectors if you need to remove the doors again later on. If youre half way decent at electrical work you shouldbe able to pull this off no problem. Good luck.

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Since yours is a 91, what i did on my 92 might be helpful:


2 door switches and door wiring from a 91+.

window regulators/door locks from a 96 (the newer the better and some time around '94 they are bolted on to the door rather than riveted).

Cross body harness from a '92. The door wiring is basically the same from 91-96 but cross body harness changed ~93; the lock/unlock relays moved off this harness and onto the dash harness. Factory harness makes the job almost plug and play (and if you get one from a XJ with power mirrors you can add those easily too). I did have to run a wire or two, but its been a while and i can't remember exactly what i did off the top of my head. So for what isn't plug and play, i've linked the some scans from the 91 FSM.


91 wiring diagrams

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thanks...and you're welcome. (it took me a moment to realize what your avatar was...)


couple of things i kind of left out from my other post. If you use all oem wiring, look for a 91 or 92 cross body harness. earlier ones have are also different. Not sure if it was clear in my other post, but i used 2 door wiring from another XJ for both my doors. Not necessary, just less messing with the wiring to get them connected to the switches.


Good luck with the swap.

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