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temp 160

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on my MJ and my heat works fine. It has been that way since I got it this spring, I only drive it sparingly.


Does this sound like the sender or the gauge or do you guys think this is normal? I know th XJ runs about 210.


My Oil gauge is also pegged all the way to the right so I know i likely need a new sender/gauge there. Could they be related?

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The 4.0L needs to run at or near 200 degrees for things to work correctly. A thermostat in one should NEVER be less than a 180.




I'm pretty sure my gauge is just wrong. I put a new 195* thermo in before I switched my cluster and sending units.

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the senders in the renix trucks like to lie, mine read about 60* hot for several years (more than one headache over that)


check the temp with a laser-thermometer and if the gauge seems off i'd be willing to bet its the sender not the gauge.


the oil pressure gauges also have issues because they're in a good spot to get whacked when removing the oil filter, and sometimes they just fail for no reason. the one in my truck is intermittent, normally sits on 50 and never moves, then will begin working for a while again.

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thanks guys, especially for the info on the oil pressure gauge so I can test it.

Those senders aren't but like $10-$15 so if i have any question i'll just replace them anyway.


Shoot I just payed $45 for my 93 XJ, i should of just but an electrical one like I did my rig, cost only $18.

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