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spark spark manufacturer

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From working at a parts store for a while I'm kinda picky about these (for whatever reason)


Champion-Jeep or Chrysler

AC Delco-GM



Bosch-European Imports

NGK-Asian Imports



Ive always had good experiences with champion plugs in jeeps, I only use platinum plugs in cars that had them originally or that have impossible to reach plugs (Ford F150s, transverse v6s etc. etc.) because you can go further without changing them. Changing plugs on our jeeps is simple so I run standard copper electrode plugs. Its not worth the extra $$$ for platinums with jeeps, and its a good idea to periodically check on your plugs 'cause theyre a good indication for how your motor runs.


Anyway it's your preference, NGKs will probably work fine in a jeep, but I stick with champions

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