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front door alignment

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I replaced my rusted-out passenger door with a clean passenger door from a 1991 4-door cherokee. The old door had one shim in the top hinge and no shims in the bottom and it operated fine.


I used the same shim in the top hinge on the replacement door and the bottom of the door is rubbing up against the fender.


What would be the correct shim placement to correct the gap at the bottom of the door?

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So I should take the top shim out?

Did I say "Take the top shim out"?


If the gap between the front edge of the door and the rear edge of the fender is about the same as it was before, and about the same as the door on the driver's side -- leave the upper shim in. If the gap at the upper hinge is much larger than it was before, take the shim out.

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shim top or bottom kicks the back of the door up or down.

First, If it was me, I'd make sure to replace the torks bolts in the hinges with real bolts, makes door adjustment super easy,

then push the bottom of the door all the way in closest to the body and go from there.

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