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Heater Control Fix

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Picked up my new MJ a couple of weeks ago and the heater, among other things, was inop. Checked fuse, it was good. Checked Fan speed control for power and had nothing. So somewhere between the two was a problem :mad: Ended up checking a few electrical connections before coming to the conclusion that it had to be inside that little box behind the control levers. Being Labor Day and everthing is closed i decided to tear it apart :wrench: Here are some pics...Some are fuzzy :wall:



Before i got this far i noticed that the black box the electrical connector plugs into was split apart, so i might as well open it up :brows:



nothin like 16yr old grease to gum things up.



Keep track off them little springs :smart:



Contact plate all cleaned up...



Top half together again...



Now that long square tube sticking up is real important :smart:



It goes here, but the little lip has to catch the slider underneath or you won't be able to move the temp lever all the way to the left...



Screwed together and zip tied...three of my locking tabs were broke :cry:



I alson noticed that when i moved the slider completely to the left it would push that box up instead of moving that long arm up. So more zip ties were in order :D



And here she is, all ready for reinstallation :banana: Got it all back in and turned the key on and it was working fine in all fan positions. Went to change off defrost and nothin :cry: Then it dawned on me to start the truck for some vacuum :dunce: She works like a charm now. Hope someone gets some use, or maybe a good chuckle outta it :P

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NICE JOB!!! YOU ROCK jamminz.gifjamminz.gif


I like to see this...jeepers helping jeepers!!


We have a word for it in my local club, JONFUND. We call it the JONFUND GOODNESS. We even went so far as to make a yearly award for it. Given to a member who helps others the most. It aint all about the money!! :cheers:


Well this can be COMANCHE CLUB GOODNESS!!! Any way, kudos to you thanks!!! I KNOW others will get benifit from this, well written and great pics!!



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i couldnt figure out why my blower for the heat stopped workin for nearly a month in the dead of winter. (GA winter but still.. I'm easily cold :brows: )


never dawned on me to check the fuses...NUR NA NURRR.

PO had the wrong size fuses in EVERY spot. 15s instead of 25s and such. so alot of them were blown. and i figured out what the funky lookin thing in my dash compartment was! the hazards relay... :D :D


good to know that it is easy to fix if things actually do stop working by their own faults. gracias.


(cw is right.. this is alot like the broken hood cable thread. lifesaver if you know it beforehand)

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Seems the only posts i could find on the subject was to replace the control box, so i figured i had nothin to lose by tearing it apart. I know some people might consider it a waste of time, but i thought there might be others who would like it, thx.

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