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Interior paint?

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I have a complete noob question here. I'm trying to change the color of my interior, and I came across an awesome find. An 88' cherokee that got wrecked about two months after it was purchased, then it sat in the garage for about 20 years! The interior is PERFECT. The seats look brand new, no dust was even inside. So I bought the two bucket seats, the center console, the door panels, the dash and the steering wheel. Now my question is this. If I don't find the rest of the interior panels for the truck, can I paint the existing ones? If so, what type of paint should I use?

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You may want to put an add in the classifieds to see if maybe someone has the pieces in the color your looking for. Then you could list the ones you have to help offset the price. :thumbsup:


Paint is ok but I would try to find the panels first and use paint as a last resort.



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