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starting problem...slow

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O.K., evryone who ownes a "newer" Jeep knows the sound the starter makes, that high pitched fast crank sound. Well mine is starting like it has a dying battery. It will sometimes crank once, then twice, then sort of crank untill it starts. Sometimes it starts fairly normal. And lately the "battery" light has glowed for a while, then goes out.


The battery is pretty new, Dec. 08

The starter is fairly new, my friend replaced it a while before I bought it

The cables & wires look fine


Could the starter be going????

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you could have a junk battery too, if you have a good relationship with any repair shops carry it to them and have them check the starting/charging system... takes about 2 minutes with the proper equipment and will save you alot of time and aggravation diagnosing the issue..

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