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jeep diesel

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school me on the factory diesel engine jeep used. ide like to have a diesel comanche in the future and they (diesel xj's) are pretty available up here. it would be nice to have the jeep spec diesel but its proly more practical to go 4bt.


school me on the renalt and give me your opinions.

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I have a rusty and beaten up 86 MJ with the 2.1L renault turbodiesel, and my parents have a 00 XJ with the 2.5L VM motori turbodiesel. Here are some short facts (just what i remeber out of my head..) and my own personal opnions about them.

2.1 renault: Offered form the start off untill 94 (in europe). Good old fashion mechanic prechamber injection with turbo and intercooler, puts out some 86ish hp and i don't remeber how much torque. Since my MJ is without a title (PO said this truck should NEVER see the road again and refused to fill out the papers..) i have only used it as a trailbeater and can't tell you how it performes on the road. But I must say I'm very impressed with this engine, it can take some serious abuse and is very fun to wheel with. They are easy to tweak a little bit to get that extra grunt (and some black smoke..) and when you do that it doesnt feel so poor compared to a 4.0L. Exept from the turbo-lag off course, nothing happends before 1500rpm. When it comes to gas milage all i know is that last winter i went for a weekeend of snow-offroading. One of my buddies with a v8 in his rig consumed 80liters of petrol during thoose 2 days, i filled my tank with 40 liters of diesel as i started and have not refueled yet! I don't use it very often but you get my point... Some people say these engines have a problem with the pushrods, aparently they can jump out of position. Never heppend to me, yet...


2.5 VM motori: Offered from 95 (or late 94) untill the end (again in eureope, don't know about the rest of the world) A more modern, electricaly controlled engine. Puts out 115ish HP i think, again i don't remeber the exact torque but it is much more than the 2.1. When i drive my parents XJ (bone stock w/5speed) i keep getting an average fuel consuption of 9L/100km (please convert to MPG thoose who know how to) Can tow my MJ on a trailer with ease and maintan 70km/h when going uphill. I think this engine fits a car like the XJ well, and if my current DD breakes down i will look for one myself!

Sad thing is, they have a bad reputation for overheating and cracking the cylinder heads. I say heads because they use one head per cylinder. When towing with one of these you should always keep an eye on the water temp and stop with once of it starts to overheat, then if youre lucky you only need to replace one head instead of all 4! Using a block heater during the winter, letting the engine cool down after heavy use and following the maintendance scheduel is a always a good way to prevent this. My parents XJ had 2 heads replaced just before they bought it.


Diesel power jamminz.gif

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basically non existent in the u.s. pat knows how many are in the states, somewhere in the 20's. he has one. parts are next to impossible to get here.


i'll be doing a diesel in the black wrangler when my frame off build is done. 4bt is probably most popular, but not cheap. i still haven't got enough info on swapping a diesel in yet though.

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