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Welding bumper

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I've installed my nice new JCR bumper as a "temporary" install until I replace the original crusty bumper bolts that hold it to the frame, but then I got to thinking, why not just weld it to the frame? Besides the obvious fact that it would make removal a PITA, are there any negatives to welding my bumper as a permanent install and forgoing bolting it to the frame?

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If you can spread out the welds over a long enough distance of the sheetmetal 'frame', you'd be OK,

but at that point why not just bolt it on?


Bumpers should also be built to act as sacrificial parts in an accident.

I overbuilt an MJ ft bumper at one point (3/8" plates connecting the 'wings' of the bumper to the mounting brackets).

When I crashed, the 'wing' still folded in, but it crushed the sheetmetal frame rail in the process.

(3/8" plate forced framerail over & knocked the alternator right off the engine)

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