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AX5 clutch fork ?

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ok , after pulling the trans on the manch to figure out why the clutch wasnt working i found 2 cracks in the cutch fork , i looked into a replacement but it was 40 somthn bucks . i figured ill just weld it up and throw some reinforcements in there then someone asked if its bent ...... and that got me thinking ....is it?... it does have a kindof u shap to it but from what i can tell thats how its suposed to be so does anyone have a pic of one or one they could refrence off of for me ? better i find out know rather than later


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Several guys here have rebuilt their ax-5s. Can you snap a photo of your fork? Maybe they will recognize the shape.

Ya , i snaped some photos yesterday , but then i later found that my memory chip was full and all the pics i took didnt take , but i will try again later. thanks pete

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