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Dual Diaphram Brake Booster

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I'm not sure that there are any that are direct bolt on with no modifications. With minor mods a late model Cherokee system, or a WJ Grand Cherokee 99-04 boosters have been made to work. I even heard a while back that Crown Auto was working on a kit with the WJ booster to bolt into early Cherokees and MJ's, but I have heard nothing about it lately. The mods have been documented here and you should be able to find something with a search. Good Luck.


... Oh yeah.. JP magazine did the WJ swap in the october 08 issue. I Have that in the plans for myself as well.

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Thanks :thumbsup: That's all I need to know. :D


Forgot: Be sure to grab the 1/4" booster to firewall alum spacer plate from the donor vehicle - keeps the booster off the firewall seam and depending if you have the auto or manual shift will allow you to use your original pedal assembly. :cheers:

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