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brake lights

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'94 wiring swap from what? A '94 Cherokee? How much did you swap that affects the taillights?


Remember, the Cherokee had separate, amber lights for the turn signals, and separate red lights for the brakes and taillights. On the MJ, the same bulbs perform all three functions, using only two filaments. You can't directly plug in Cherokee wiring and expect the MJ tail/brake lights to function correctly.


We need a better description of what you did.

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I know there's a way with a Renix-era XJ harness, because the XJ Wagoneers didn't use amber turns. I don't know how different the taillight wiring is for a '94 compared to, say, an '89. I'd suggest you get your hands on the wiring diagrams for an early XJ Wagoneer, your year MJ, and a '94 XJ and start comparing the brake and turn circuits, starting from the front and working back.

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