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Noob with a question

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First off let me start by saying this is probably one of the most useful forums i've found in a long time. you guys know your way around this truck. and thats why i'm asking you. I have an 87 comanche pioneer. I've seen a few things here and there about it but my steering wheel wobbles, bad. the best way i can explain it is spinning plates on a stick at the circus when they start slowing down. I was going to tear down the steering column and rebuild it but if i'm not mistaken i saw where someone on here swapped out the whole column. i guess what i'm asking, is would i be better off changing out the whole thing or what. it doesnt make any noises when i turn it and it seems to be wobbling at the tilt mechanism. is it possible that it's just a loose bolt or have you guys seen this before. any help at all would be great. thanks again

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I know that those GM tilt mechanisms are rebuildable, but we don't know if that really is your problem, could have a bent wheel or a bent steering shaft, or all of the above. You might try finding one from a junkyard Cherokee with similar options in similar year range after making sure it doesnt have the same problems your has. I'm sure someone on here could help more about the tilt mech rebuild if thats all you need. Good Luck!

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Start by seeing if the tilt mechanism can be tightened. Only cost might be a steering wheel puller and a lock plate removal tool if you don't have them, although you can probably borrow them from an auto parts store.


http://www.gnttype.org/techarea/suspens ... ering.html


http://en.allexperts.com/q/Steering-Col ... eering.htm



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here are the two links i used. if you get a lock plate removal tool and a steering wheel remover then it isn't too big of a deal, just take your time.


http://www.buickperformance.com/tiltste ... wobble.htm




my column was actually busted so i had to replace anyway. i ended up getting a donor from the jy but it wasn't an exact match so i've either got to modify it or source another donor.


waiting for the weather to break to get back into it.

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