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Anyone use this paint??


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I have some trim pieces and a couple shifter I would like to chrome. But the prices for having parts chromed is pretty awful. And to top it off neither of the places local-ish to me can chrome a shifter without chroming the part that actually engages the transmission. I'm wondering how this stuff looks when it dries, and is there any outrageous prep work needed to work with it???

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We have all of this random spray stuff at Public works. We have commercial grade pricey stuff, but we also have galvanized coating, stainless steel coating, zinc coat, etc, etc. For oil pans and gas tanks, we usually hit with the rust-stop red etching primer we have, and then rubberized spray coat them to keep them in tip top shape.


Rob L.

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Guess I get to be the guinea pig...


Bought a can of this to cover my gas tank.



Its pretty drippy and likes to run.


Make sure to not a get a sniff of overspray of this stuff.. I now have a huge headache.... :doh:


I've used a lot of the "Pro" series Galvanizing Compound, and had no problems, not the primer that you used. It is kind of "loose" you just need to apply several thin coats.


http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp ... id=7585838


One gas tank I did 3 years ago, and it's still holding up great. Used it on alot on other items, and it's great for exhaust pipes (to seal the welds) :brows:

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