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need dana 30 disc. locking info! help

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I don’t have any of the vacuum lines to go to my axle so I wanted to lock it up the poor mans way. I need info on how to lock the fork in 4wd on my dana 30. Ive seen it on here before, but I couldn’t find it. I can’t remember correctly but I think there is some kind of clip you take, slide the fork over then put the clip back in. Could someone post a link for me if you know where one is? I need to do this to my jeep tonight. A few of my buds have been asking me to go to gulches orv park with them in the morning. So I want to fix this before I go. Ill post some pix for yall.

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I can't seem to find the thread on it either, but you should be able to pop the vac actuator off, pull the c-clip off the shaft, move the fork over, and put the c-clip back on. Then just move the collar in the axle over to the locked position, and put the actuator back on.

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