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Anyone Install a 3rd Brake Light?

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Anyone do this?


Thinking about doing this to increase visibility as I worry about getting rear-ended due to:


-Teenagers/people texting/talking while driving :shake:


-Faded taillights (reducing light output) -need to do that resto in the DIY section


-A rear ender would ruin my hard/impossible to replace OEM bumper/bed/tailgate etc. :(


I picked up a combo 3rd brake light/ cargo light from a Ford F250 at the u-pull, not sure if it would fit the contour of the cab well though... Any ideas?



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:doh: Don't know why my search didn't pull that thread?


Thanks for the link! jamminz.gif


It's all in the fingers..........knowing what key to hit :brows:


Just don't waste your time looking for the "any" key on the key board.........I can't find that one :hmm:

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Ahh, the good Doctor Wildman is still the master of search and research. :bowdown: I'd forgotten that post. Added benefits of the 3rd brake light module is that it isolates the not only the 3rd brake light from the OEM signal/brake light circuitry due to the built-in diodes, negates wiring back to the brake pedal switch, and you can also parallel the module outputs for your trailer light connector should you so desire. Simplicity maximus. :cheers:

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Please don't tell the mods to delete your posts just because you got an answer! This could bring up and solve some problems someone has been wondering about...


No worries mate, but we'll keep this up so others can learn!

Rob L.


I asked for a delete because the link Wildman posted answered the question, but I fixed it now that Dr. Hornbrod has replied. image_209027.gif


That Nissan frontier brake light seems like the best idea (don't need to cut a huge hole) wonder how that went?

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So I went to my local Auto Zone auto supply store and went into their little "import" section...there I found a red LED light strip; although they claim it to be weather resistant, before I go drilling holes in my cab I am going to adhesive it to the inside top of my rear window. Would look kinda goofy w/o tinted windows, but fortunately I have a tinted non slider rear, so when I get around to it I will install it. Just a non-invasive idea to avoid cutting up your cab. They also had them at Wal-mart, but I didn't like those as much.

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