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mr.gasket t-stat failure

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my 195 mr.gasket t-stat stuck on me today coming home from work.i had one stick in my mustang and thought it was a fluke but i guess not.it was only 6months old.i had just put a hesco w/p,hesco t-stat housing and new style cherokee radiator in just 6 months ago and i thought all my heating problems would be a thing of the past.

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yeah,my g/fs 95 grand 4.0 temp gauge kept flucuating up and down so i put a local parts store t-stat in it.it ran too hot so i got another and it ran too cold.i finally broke down and got a mopar one and it doesn't flucuate and runs just under 200 like it's supposed to.i'll have to order one from mopar and i'll just have to wait until tuesday for it.

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