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Lots o flex without lots of lift. and hi i'm new here.

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Alright so I'm the new guy. In case you didn't catch my first post on my build thread, I've been wheeling for years and spent the past year and a half working on my YJ(which is for sale btw...). Anyway, I picked up a rusty old beat up 86 manche as my next project, with the oh so wonderful 2.8L and auto tranny.


Since I'm new to the whole MJ thing, I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on a topic that is bound to start a debate. I'm looking to build a somewhat capable DD, but I want to keep it low, for fuel economy(yeah right...) and because I need to be able to get my motorcycle in the back and I don't want to lug a ramp around with me. Basically I want flex and fat meat with less than a 4 inch lift. 33s or 35s will do, lots of cutting is in store(body is rusted to hell anyway), and I'm gonna make some nice skids up.


Just going from the basics for the trail ready part, I'm gonna go with minimal bumpstops, probably throw some TJ flares on after some cutting, sway bar discos, long arms(suggest good ones for this concept please) and some heavy duty recovery points are my number one priority (once I get this MJ road ready of course).

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sounds like you got it figured out

4 inches should clear 33's no prob just watch back spacing

i ran 31's for awhile on stock wheels with no lift

at full turn i rub control arms

stock on 31's

soa in rear 3 inches in front littile to no backspacing

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