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Help me make up my mind...


Help me decide the best color for my Limited wannabe bench seat:  

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  1. 1. Help me decide the best color for my Limited wannabe bench seat:

    • Black with medium gray inserts in Vinyl
    • All Black with black cloth inserts
    • Black with medium gray cloth inserts
    • Other

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I remounted both my buckets and my bench seat and I decided that I liked the bench. The only problem was mines and '88 and has no head rests. I saw a few of the rear collision pics and didn't really care for the thought of my old Mellon going through the slider glass. :ack: , but Craigslist to the rescue...



Seriously nice seat, no rips, no tears not worn to one side, just a little grungy and $50. This is my current interior, all black, with the exception on the upperdash and the tops of the door panels which are that medium gray that jeep used so much. I'm having the seat recovered and can't decide what color/materials to use. The funky pattern currently in the cloth portion of the seat will be replaced with plain 3" vertical pleats:

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you probably should've posted pics first :brows:


are those door panels half grey to? if so maybe black with some grey inserts would look really good. or black out the whole interior, i love black interiors, have i said that yet? :clapping:

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