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np231 sye and spline problem....???

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Ok got a xj I'm working on, the transfer case that is on it has the original slip yoke, I have another transfer case that has a slip yoke eliminator kit installed. The spline count is different between the two. What is the best way to make this work for me...

The original T-case has all electrical connections on it, and the T-case with the SYE kit has vacuum lines on it... if this makes a difference...


I guess is it easier to change the input shaft or change the SYE kit over to the other case......thanks

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The SYE does not matter if it's a 21 spline or 23 spline TC. The only thing a SYE effects is the OUTPUT shaft, not the input shaft. Yank it off and put it on your other TC and be done with it.


The only thing that 99% of the SYE kits on the market do not have the connection for the vac system for the CAD axle. But you said that your original one is the electric one so it will not effect you at all.

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