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What to look for when buying MJ?

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Mechanically, make sure everything shifts fine. Is it 4X4? Make sure the transfer case shifts smoothly in and out of 4WD. Make sure it drives well in 4 Hi, and test the 4 Lo if you can take it off cement or blacktop. Look at the motor. Make sure there isn't excessive oil coming from the valve cover, or the head gasket area. Do the fluids look like the owner maintained them? Look at the serpentine belt for excessive cracks and wear. Check the battery for excessive corrosion. Look at the tire tread and make sure it has adequate depth. Make sure there are no puddles of fluid under it.


Cosmetically, it really depends on where you are located. If you are in the rust belt, chances are a 21 year old truck isn't going to be perfect. Rockers and bed are usually the first to go around here.


All of these things can be used as a bargaining chip if the price seems too high for you.

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The price really can't be beaten imo, from the pictures it seems like its in pretty good shape rust wise. To test the tranny it should go into each gear smoothly and the clutch should catch near the floor right? (The most driving I've done stick wise is on an XJ with 300k miles with original drivetrain so my views on a "good" clutch may be slightly skewed. :D )

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