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8.8, 31 spine, disks, 3.55 gears. Whats the common cost?


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Guy near me has a collection of 8.8's. He wants $300 for the 3.55 geared one, and he will set it up for cherokee perches/shock mounts for a little extra. Considering the axle is in good condition with the disks and internals, is this a pretty common price? I bought my d30/35 combo with full stock suspension for $150 so this is a little more change,




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yeah, bout $300 from the only local gouger Pick and pull. 600 for a reman. But the guy does have the know how (supposedly) to do the perches/mounts for everything (he has a couple jeeps with the 8.8 under them). I'll keep talking to him, see what becomes of it. I want to get a locker, but extra cash and a D35 don't mix :no:

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Just call my local pick your part 1 mile away.

Dana 30 front axle wo/ disc brakes- $160 + $20 for warranty if needed.

Rear Axle-$160 + $20 for warranty if needed.

Transmission-$160 + $20 for warranty if needed.

Transfer case-$186 + $20 for warranty if needed.


Not too badly price but you do have to do all the work to remove it won't be a fun day.


I tried Car-part.com in So,Calif was prices were rediculous.

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