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4WD Conversion

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I currently have an 87, Automatic, 2WD Comanche, I purchased a front axle and transfercase from a 91 4WD Cherokee. My question is will the transfer case work with my transmission or will i have to get a transmission out of a 4WD to make the transmission work, the Cherokee that I got the xfer case from was an automatic with an AWD4 tranny. Any information would help.

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You made sure the gear ratios of the front and rear axles match correct?


Checklist of parts is basically:

Dana 30 with gear ration matching your rear axle

Front driveshaft appropriate to which engine/transmission you have

4wd transmission

Transfer case

T-case shift linkages, gate and bezel

4wd rear shaft or cut down your 2wd shaft. No, an XJ rear will not work.

You may need a longer speedometer cable


It's really a very easy swap, it's all bolt-on and the only modifications you'll really need to do is drill 4 small holes for a T-case linkage bracket. The hole for the 4wd shifter is already there, just with a plate bolted over it.


That should cover the basics. Any specific questions, just ask.

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