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97 ZJ stuck in 4x4

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Low fluid can cause the fork in the TC to not want to slide back.


Worn out spring can do the same.


I'd drop the front shaft until you get it figured out.

just pull it out and cap off the t-case? is that spring a PITA to replace?

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My wifes zj is stuck in 4wd, its not an all time 4x4 like some. when you put the lever back in 2wd the indicator lights suggest your in 2wd but its definatly not, its a 4.0 loredo. any ideas please?
What makes you think it is stuck in 4WD? Is your front end binding?
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Which case is it, a 231 or a 242? (Commandtrac vs selectrac). If it is a 242, often mismatched tires or even one tire low on air can make the fork bind when coming out of 4wd because of driveline loading. Did you look underneath to make sure everything is still hooked up with the linkage?

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