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NP231 Rebuild kit.

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Hey guys. I'm looking at rebuild kits right now. There are a bunch out there on the interweb and i was hoping you guys could help me decide. I was originally looking at JB conversion's kit ( http://www.jbconversions.com/pages/prod ... index.html ) and they say that their kit is superior to their competitors, but they are a bit pricey... Should i go with them or buy from some place like 4wd.com or fourwheelparts.com or eastcoastgearsupply.com etc. etc. Thanks for the help guys! :cheers:

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See how screwed the internals are before buying a rebuild kit. It might need more than that. In which case a new (used) low mileage case can be a better deal.


You also might want a chain if yours is sloppy.


I'd look around and compare kit contents before I bought one.


You also might need a special bearing puller to get the one front output bearing out as it is installed blind. The FSM has a number for the tool, but I'd sure Jeep would want eleventybillion dollars for it. Maybe somebody knows a good trick.

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