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lifting question

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33 by what?


This is a crucial question. Regardless of lift, you will need to extend the bump stops, especially in the front, or else do extensive cutting to allow the tires to clear when the suspension is fully "stuffed." Beyond that, you will need to be very conscious of your tire width and wheel offset/backspacing. Running 31x10.50s on factory 15x7 rims, the inside upper shoulder in the rear consistently rubs the inner fender well when the rear axle gets articulated. Also, the inner sidewall is uncomfortably close to the rear spring. You can get 33s in a 10.50 width, but most are wider, which would create virtually an interference fit in the rear using factory rims. Most aftermarket rims have less backspacing, which helps in the rear but increases the need to carve the fenders in the front.


Bottom line, IMHO, is to lift as little as possible and run the smallest tires you can for the trails you intend to run.

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