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I :heart: my Jeep.

Sir Sam

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My Jeep just earned its keep today.


I hit a deer during the witching hour on July 3 on my way down for camping and 4 wheeling in Ouray.


At the time I was pretty pissed because I was planning on trading vehicles with my dad since he needs someplace to live in LA(ie in the back of the Jeep), and I would take his Mercedes(which is not comfortable to sleep in), his Mercedes needs the diesel emissions testing done and plates renewed, which needs to be done in colorado. To top it off I don't keep full insurance on my vehicles to save money(under 25 driver with more than one ticket).


Well it turns out I do have full insurance on the Jeep, seeing as how it used to be my dads Jeep he had full insurance on it and that stayed the same.


So today the appraiser came by and looked at everything, just over $2200 in damage.


I paid $2200 in Dec of 06.


I :heart: my Jeep.


So I'm off to the junkyards for parts, should cost me just under $600 in parts, and I already have paint leftover from the first time I painted it.



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Nice turn out :thumbsup:


Just missed you in Ouray. Showed up on the 5th and left the 10th for a few days in Breck.


Ah, ya I left on the morning of the 5th and headed up to Rabbit Valley so my dad could get a headstart on his drive to LA.

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