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sounds like marbles, need to get home!

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ok so I'm in route to my gf's house last night, one way is about 150 miles. on the highway doing 65-70 and i hear this rattling/grinding/sounds like marbles being tossed around in something noise. possibly timing chain or tcase chain. but noise stops when truck stops doesnt increase with rpm but does increase with vehicle speed. eliminating timing chain. now I'm leaning to tcase chain. but. . .i thought i had maybe heard the noise a few days prior so i removed the front dshaft hoping in theory that the chain wouldnt spin. so even with the shaft out I'm getting the chain slop noise I'm worried that in the next 150mi home ill wear right through the tcase. so i really need this chain to not spin. I'm considering a ratchet strap around the front output hooked to the frame. Bad idea? any other thoughts?

89 4.0 AW4 NP231

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