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Split Classifieds?

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Just a thought -- it occurs to me that it would be a lot easier to find people who might need some of the junk I have strewen around here if I didn't have to scroll through 15 "For Sale" ads to find one "Want to Buy" ad. Pete -- any chance we might split up the Classifieds into a "For Sale" area and a 'Wanted" area?


Does anyone else think this might make life easier?

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I asked Pete about that awhile ago CLICKY HERE (last 2 posts)


In a way Pete's right about the fact that we don't have enough of members or classified listings to make it worthwhile, but hey I still wouldn't mind giving it a try. "hint, hint" "cough, cough" :brows:

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I try to fall back on my belief that simpler is better. We really don't get that many new posts. And it's sorta a slippery slope too. Separate forum for whole trucks? For non-MJ stuff? Someday I might try it, but not until at least halfway through august. My plate is pretty full. :(

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